4 Secrets To Staying Encouraged After a Conference

Secret #1: Take Action on at Least One Goal Quickly

As Christians, whenever we hear the Word of God preached, the Bible tells us that if we mix what we’re hearing with faith, as in, “I believe this is true and it’s true for me!”, we will inevitably be inspired to act. In fact, the Bible teaches us in Romans 8:29 that our destiny is to be “conformed into the image of Christ.” And that’s exactly what the purpose of the Holy Spirit is in us! He not only inspires us to take action, but he gives us the strength to do so, so in the end, we can look more like Jesus.

In psychological terms, we’re inspired to take action whenever information meets emotion. The problem is, the longer we’re removed from the emotion or positive feelings of what we’ve experienced, the more challenging it becomes to take action, because we’re no longer inspired by the information we’ve received.

Right now, while the emotion is still fresh, purpose to take action on at least one thing you’ve learned from the conference you recently attended! Maybe you need to take a few minutes to imagine your goals. Or maybe you have so many goals, you have to remember to carry your journal with you to write them all down! Maybe you need to order some resources, check on the price of that plane ticket, or organize the exercise clothes in your closet so that you can get back into your exercise routine.

If you’re able to act right now on whatever you still have the inspiration for, you’ll be watering the seeds that were sown in your heart during your conference and you’ll begin to see growth in the area where you’ve been wanting to change.

Secret #2: Taking Action Doesn’t Always Mean Doing Something

In what might seem to be a contradictory statement, it’s also true that taking action doesn’t necessarily mean doing something, at least in the customary sense. Maybe for some of you, your goal is to listen to God’s voice more carefully, or speak positively over your life whenever you feel discouraged.

Maybe taking action for you looks more like inviting God into your heart, talking to Him more throughout the day, or simply meditating on some of the ideas you learned at the conference. Remember what led the Israelites back into captivity once they entered the Promised Land? They “dug their own cisterns,” meaning, they tried to become a source in and of themselves.

Only God can be your source for continual transformation and deliverance. So while you might be personally taking action on the goals you set for yourself at the conference, it’s the combination of outward and inward action that will continue to keep the conference fresh in your mind for days and weeks to come!

Secret #3: Don’t Neglect the Old in Favor of the New

Sometimes, when we attend a conference or an inspiring event, we feel like we must change everything! Out with the old and in with the new! But we have to remember that “the sum of God’s Word is true,” (Psalm 119:160), which means that there are other priorities, or God-principles, which we cannot neglect on our path to reach our new goals.

A single mom who gets inspired to serve more at her church, must not neglect her children who need her, just because she feels that God is doing a new thing in her. While God loves it when we find our purpose in his Body, He wouldn’t want us to simultaneously neglect our families to do so.

Going on a life-changing mission trip is a great goal to have, but if you have to use your credit card to secure your spot on the trip, then maybe you need to hone in more (become crystal clear) on what must be done to make this trip happen without going into debt to do it.

On your journey to go to new heights with your life, God would never recommend a plan to achieve your new goals by violating His other time-tested principles found in the Word.

Secret #4: Give Yourself Grace

Change takes time. You didn’t get where you’re at overnight. When you’re inundated with such great inspiration, positive outlooks, and life-affirming messages, especially like what you experience at a conference, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and not know where to start. So just give yourself a little bit of grace, and trust that the great seeds that were planted in your life will begin to take root, grow, and will bear fruit if you just keep watering it and giving it time!

Remember one of the keys to the Israelites’ experiencing deliverance into the Promised Land? They had to trust that God would be faithful to fulfill His promises. So trust God. He’s doing the work and we know the Bible teaches us that He will be faithful to complete it!