Krissy came to know the Lord at age fourteen, but after growing up in a broken home filled with strife, abuse and lack, she drifted away from her faith in an attempt to suppress the emotional pain of her childhood.

Desperate to be set free from the pain of her past, Krissy said, “When I was finally ready to give up, God gave me a picture of how my own sin required the same amount of forgiveness as the sins my family had committed against me.”

After almost fifteen years of desperately looking for normalcy and love, God supernaturally delivered her by breaking off all the chains of Krissy’s emotional bondage.

“God showed me that it was my own self-righteous attitude and judgement toward my family that actually pushed me away from him, led me to a life of rebellion, and eventually left me totally broken,” Krissy said. “I was instantly changed by the grace of God.”

Krissy immediately felt called to pursue ministry, and for over 15 years has focused much of her teaching on seeing people set free from their own poor choices by embracing the grace of God.

“Having experienced the pain that results from our own bad choices, to now knowing and experiencing God’s love first hand,” Krissy said, “I’m passionate about helping other people get more out of life.”

Not only is Krissy a gifted speaker and Bible teacher, but she’s also a skilled business consultant with a Master’s Degree in Non-profit Business Administration from the University of Notre Dame. Krissy is an expert at navigating both for profit and non-profit start-ups.

Krissy resides in Granger, Indiana with husband, Lucas Miles, Senior Pastor of Nfluence Church, and co-founder of Miles Media Films, Inc.