Known for her wisdom and practical solutions, Krissy Miles is a pastor, business strategist, and media executive. She serves as the Executive Pastor of the Nfluence Network and Nfluence Church, as well as the CFO and co-founder of Miles Media, Inc., a full-service media production company located in the Midwest.

Not only is Krissy a gifted speaker and Bible teacher, but she’s also a skilled business consultant with a Master’s Degree in Non-profit Business Administration from the University of Notre Dame. Krissy consults regularly with ministry leaders, entertainment professionals, and political figures on issues of faith, using media to impact culture, Christian leadership, and public policy.

Krissy is a “Maximum CEO” trainer with the Leadership Institute founded by Dr. Dean Radtke, and serves as committee member and consultant for “Arise Women’s Conferences,” founded by Mary Hudson, mother of pop-icon Katy Perry.

Krissy hosts a weekly YouTube show called, “Get More Out of Life,” which focuses on taking the eternal truths from the Bible to help people produce extreme results in their lives.

Krissy is an expert at navigating both for profit and non-profit start-ups, and has been an associate producer on several faith-based and family friendly films released on platforms such as Netflix, Redbox, Sony and more.

Krissy resides in Granger, Indiana with husband, Lucas Miles, Senior Pastor of Nfluence Church, and co-founder of Miles Media, Inc.